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A repellent can be defined as a substance that deters insects or other pests from approaching or settling.  Repellents can be used against insects and wildlife to keep them away from areas of increased activity. A very popular repellent method is using an irritant. While the irritant is not usually harmful to the pest, it is designed to irritate the skin or lungs, deterring the target pest from returning to the area of activity. Savior uses a special capsaicin-based deterrent product on almost all corrective exclusion work we do. This helps to better ensure that the target pest is out of the picture before sealing off any entry points.


Trapping can be broken down into two categories: live trapping and kill trapping. Both methods of control are often the most humane way to take care of a particular pest problem. Live traps are designed to catch various wildlife such as armadillos, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and possums. Pests caught in live traps are relocated and released back into the wild. Live traps are most often used for removing a pest in an attic but can be used nearly everywhere there is evidence of activity. Kill traps are more commonly used for smaller pests such as rats, mice, and moles. Kill traps are designed to instantly and humanely kill a pest. Kill traps are often used when the level of pest activity is above average and when quick results are needed or required.