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Raccoons Controls


Raccoons are important fur bearers and are common throughout much of the United States. In the wild, they can be found around rivers, streams, lakes, and marshes. The are animals of opportunity and will eat whatever is available such as birds, mice, snakes, fruits, berries, acorns, insects, fish, mollusks, etc. They also eat on corn and other cultivated farm crops.

Raccoons are smart and can easily adapt to living close to people. They are quite common in residential or urban areas, but since they do most of their foraging at night, they go virtually undetected. In urban areas, raccoons can live almost anywhere that offers protection. They are most commonly found under houses and woodpiles, and in attics and chimneys.

Since raccoons are omnivorous, there is plenty of food available to them in urban areas, from pet food, to fruits from trees,  and

vegetables in gardens. Raccoons can be considered pests in urban areas because they can cause a lot of damage. They can kill young animals such as lambs and small goats. They can cause damage to chimneys and attics in search for a nesting area. The can also dig up yard and gardens in search for food.

Live trapping is the most effective way to remove and control raccoons, and cage traps are the best live trap for urban areas.

Savior Pest Control Service

Savior is taking the fear out of pest control. Our value statement is the golden rule: “Treat others the way that we would like to be treated”. Please know, all of our Pest Defense and other services are designed with the safety of our own pets, friends, families, and the technician in mind. Furthermore, Savior Termite and Pest Control use organic and green listed products for all our pest defense applications, both inside and outside the home, on every service.

Savior Termite and Pest Control offer unique Defense Programs. Each Pest Defense Program or “PDP” utilizes the most effective pest control treatment solutions, techniques, and strategies together with a major discount. No matter which of the programs that you choose, all each Pest Defense Program Service can be added to your needs.


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