Moles, Armadillos & Skunks


Moles are small, burrowing rodents that feed almost exclusively on insects. They live in underground burrows and mostly only come above ground by accident. Because of this, the mole has very few natural predators. Animals such as coyotes, dogs, or skunks can dig out some of them, while a cat or hawk might catch one above ground. Most of the damage caused by moles is the uprooting of grass and other plants as a result of digging tunnels directly below them. There are a few different ways in which to control moles, but among the most popular are baiting and trapping. Special baits can be used to mimic a mole’s natural food for a rather quick knockdown, however we find that trapping is generally the most effective mole control method.


Armadillos are rather strange and unusual animals. This is because they do not have hair or fur covering the body, but instead are covered with a shell of bony armor. Armadillos are generally considered to be beneficial animals as their primary food source is insects and invertebrates. They can, however, become a nuisance when they start digging in your yard or garden. Live trapping is the most effective way to control armadillos. Though trapping can sometimes be hard if you are unable to find their borrow, as they are rather unpredictable, a live trap can be placed at the entry of the burrow. In most cases the armadillo will walk right in.


Believe it or not, skunks can actually be beneficial as they help control grubs and insects, as well as rats. Skunks are considered a pest when they get to close to your home and your family, though. This is, of course, due to the odorous nature of their natural defense mechanism. They are also a primary source of rabies here in Texas. The most popular and effective control method for skunks is live trapping. Live trapping means that after we catch the skunk, we will relocate it to a more suitable location. Skunks have very similar feeding habits to feral cats and can therefore be lured into traps using food similar to their diet.

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