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Traditional Termite Treatment

A traditional termite treatment can be performed as both a corrective, and a preventative treatment. While spot treatments are an option, you can have multiple colonies of termites on your property at any time, and if you find live activity in one area, it is quite possible there is activity somewhere else where you can’t see. This is why a traditional termite treatment can often be the best option when activity has been found. There are two primary areas where traditional termite control treatments or applications take place, not including treating sites of active or live termite activity.

The Interior Plumbing Areas:

Savior Uses a Termiticide Foam to coat the plumbing areas around the foundation of the home where termites try to gain access to the home from underneath. Plumbing areas have the highest likelihood of getting termite activity within the home due to the penetration of the copper wire tubing through the concrete slab, especially those with moisture. Applying a Termiticide Foam ensures that even though we did not necessarily find activity in these areas, we are protecting these conducive areas from activity. There are two major benefits to foaming the plumbing as compared to drilling or cutting holes into the walls:

  1. The Termiticide Foam that we use is a prescription-strength, non-repellant. This means that the termites cannot detect the termiticide treatment; they think it is just more moisture. So, while the termites are on the lookout for moisture, we give them some and then they will transfer it throughout the colony.

  2. Because we use the existing pluming penetrations to inject the prescription-strength, non-repellant Termiticide Foam, it is not necessary for us to drill or cut into the wall. This is the case in 99% of the treatments we perform. This means that you can have the peace-of-mind that we won’t be damaging any structural beams or hitting a water line and accidentally flooding your home.

The Exterior Perimeter Areas:

Conventional or Traditional Termite Treatments typically end with the perimeter application. This application is designed to create a barrier around the house that will eliminate any termites that pass through it. The treatment starts by digging a trench around the perimeter right against the foundation. We then fill the trench with a liquid formulation of the same prescription-strength, non-repellant Termiticide. The termites will view this as a source of moisture, consume it, and take it back to the colony to transfer around. As a bonus, this will often eliminate other pests that you might have around the perimeter.

All Traditional Termite Treatments include a 1-year renewable warranty. This warranty covers the entire treated structure, excluding any post-treatment additions to the structure. At the time of renewal, a technician will return to perform a full exterior inspection for any new activity.