Termite Pre-Treatments

Termite Pre-Treatments

Termite Pre-treatments can only be done on new construction. It does not matter what kind of construction type it is, residential termite pre-treatment or commercial termite pre-treatment is treated the exact same way. It also does not matter what the construction style is either: concrete, steal or wood frame. The individual city or developer may require a pre-treatment for new construction regardless of the construction materials used.

There are 2 different primary types of Termite Pre-treatments: soil applications and framing applications. Both types of application have their advantages, however soil application is by far the best regarding price, then Bora Care treatments and finally post construction traditional termite treatments cost the most. Scheduling termite pre-treatments improperly “not before the foundation tarp goes down” will cost more every time because it forces you to move on to the next kind of termite pre-treatment style. You should always have your Termite Pre-treatment Company work with the concrete contractor to make sure that their schedules are in sync.

Framing Termite Pretreatments

Although Framing Termite Pre-treatments are the 2nd least expensive way to Termite Pre-treat next to soil applications, they may be required by the city or the developer. Even though it’s inconvenient in its pricing it’s very convenient for scheduling. Some cities or developer’s specs may require the Termite Pre-treatment Company to add a green dye to the application for inspection purposes later but most do not require this anymore.

Other common names for this type of application is a Borate treatment or a BoraCare treatment. Borates are salts that open the pores of the framing and allow the application to absorb into the surface treated.

Soil Pretreatment for Termites

As mentioned before, the way to get the best price on termite pre-treatments is to have a soil treatment done. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to having a soil pre-treat done is 1 gallon of finished termite solution mixed for every 10 square feet of soil treated. Let’s say that your building a home or commercial building that is 2 stories’ high. The first floor “the foundation” is 1000 square feet and the 2nd floor is 1000 square feet for a total building space of 2000 square feet. Remember that you are only treating the soil under the foundation so your pre-treatment calculations should be 1000sqf / 10 = 100 Gallons of finished termite solutions.

Things to consider when deciding on a Soil Pre-treatment for Termites

  1. No other contractors can be onsite during the application. It’s the law.
    The Pre-treat cannot be done if plastic is covering the soil being treated.
  2. Most of the time the Termite Pre-treat Company will need access to water onsite.
  3. It is a good idea to have your concrete contractor and the developer work out scheduling with the Termite Pre-treat Company prior to the termite application to make sure that it is done at the right time.

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