Flying Ants VS Termites

//Flying Ants VS Termites
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Flying Ants Vs Termite Swarmers

One of the most fortunate or unfortunate misconceptions, “depending on where you land on this” that we encounter as exterminators is pest mis-identification. Unfortunately, no one is immune to pest mis-identification. It happens all the time from clients. One of the most common though is when it comes to Flying Ants Vs Termites. I think the reason this one is so profound with ants and termites is because there is a huge price difference between controlling these 2 pests. We have included some information below to help the average consumer identify the primary differences between the ant and termite swarmer cast.

Flying Carpenter Ants vs Flying Termites

Termite Swarmers

Termites in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area swarm primarily in the spring but a small percentage swarm in the fall. Their primary trigger for the heaviest swarming are high levels of humidity like a week or two after a rain in early spring. Once the termites start to swarm out, termite swarming season has officially begun and we start receiving call for these “flying ants” that came out of nowhere. Telling a customer that they have termites and not flying ants is sometimes very difficult because the treatment for termites cost more than the treatment for any ant problems, because of the product, labor, and time it takes to perform termite treatment.

Flying Ants

Flying Ants in the Dallas Fort Worth area happen all season long because unlike termites, flying ants could be one of several different species of ant. Every different type of ant can have a swarmer cast. Carpenter Ants, Acrobat Ants, Fire Ants, Pharaoh Ants, and Argentine Ants all have a swarming caste, just to name a few. Ants usually bud to multiply colonies and swarm when an ant colony becomes mature. One of the quickest ways to get proper identification on any insect is to send us an email with a picture or video to customercare@saviorpestcontrol.com. Below is a video of real footage of swarming ants and termites for your consideration.