Termidor HP II

Why Termidor HP II?

Termites can’t avoid what they can’t detect. Termidor uses a special nonrepellent liquid technology that is completely undetectable to termites. They can’t see it, smell it, taste it, or avoid it. Instead they come into contact with it and ingest it. They then share it with the rest of the colony. Termidor’s transfer effect works a lot like a virus. A termite ingests or touches the Termidor and then becomes a carrier. The Termidor is formulated to give individual termites plenty of time to transfer the product to other termites before killing them. This transfer effect helps to maximize protection of your home.
Other termite treatment products might make claims of “similar” results that are “nearly” or “almost” as effective, but the difference between Termidor and “almost as good as Termidor” is worlds apart. Termidor has the same active ingredient as the leading vet-recommended flea and tick protection as dogs and cats. Termidor binds tightly with the soil which maintains the treatment zone through rainfall and irrigation. It also minimizes chance for off- site movement and leaching. Termidor is practically odor free and will not disrupt your normal family routines.

State-of-the-Art Product & Equipment

The definition of a pest is basically anything that is unwanted, so pest control is simply practice of controlling the unwanted. Contrary to popular belief, it is a fact that 98% of all insects are beneficial in some way. Regardless of how helpful and beneficial most insects are on planet earth, when they are unwanted they’re unwanted. There should be a responsible balance when it comes to performing any pest control service. In the example of Bee Control for instance if they go then we go. Good pest control is essentially three things when you step back from it. Pest Control is a science, an art, a responsibility to yourself, others and the environment. Reduced Impact Service “RIS” like exclusion techniques are great for keeping this balance and separating you from them.

Pest control is like hunting or fishing in a lot of ways, just smaller There are all different kinds of game to hunt in the world, we just hunt much smaller game like ants, roaches, spiders, earwigs, and silverfish to name a few. Also, just like hunting and fishing, even within a genus of pest there can be hundreds of different species that must be addressed based on that pest’s biological traits. So, as you can imagine this effects the products and service techniques that we use. Being a hunter, you must have a few different skills sets to be successful, such as identification skills, tracking skills, baiting skills, trapping skills, not to mention knowing habitats and habits of the prey. Enter the exterminator.

Unparalleled Quality Service

Savior Termite and Pest Control’s trained technicians can perform a full termite treatment in less time with much greater accuracy. In fact, this new injection system mixes the product internally within a tenth of an ounce, giving an exact dilution using less water. The need for trenching in most cases is completely eliminated, meaning no more pulled up grass and disturbed flower beds. With the new Termidor HP II the need to drill into your concrete patios or wood decks has also been eliminated. With this new system we are able to treat around these areas, leaving your property virtually undisturbed.

Termite Re-Treatment Warranty

Savior Termite and Pest Control takes great pride in all our work, never the less whenever dealing with pest there is always some chance they may come back despite having the very best equipment, products, and treatments available on the market. If termites do come back so do we and if you are under our Termite Re-Treatment Warranty Savior will treat those termites at no additional cost to you. Every single termite treatment comes with a 1 year limited Termite Re-Treatment Warranty, that covers the scope of the work performed for a full 365 days from initial treatment.

Termite Damage Warranty

Savior understands that your home or business is more than just an investment its also your castle or the way you provide for your family. This is why Savior offers a Termite Damage Warranty with every full termite treatment done with Termidor HP II labeling. The best news about this warranty is that it cost you nothing to implement and covers the treated structure up to $500,000.00 for Termite Damage caused by newly infesting termites after full treatment. You can trust Savior Termite and Pest Control to stand by our work.

Termite Warranty Renewal

Savior Termite and Pest Control is a little different than most other Termite companies when it comes to the renewal of your termite warranty. We will not just send you an invoice in the mail and say your property is fine when you pay the invoice, we check it out for ourselves. Every year we schedule a fresh onsite visual inspection for any new termite activity on your property and if we find termite activity we treat right then. Also when you renew your termite warranty you get both the Re-Treatment Warranty and Termite Damage Warranty for another year.
Disclaimer: While Savior and Termite and Pest Control has provided to the best of our ability all information based on commercial industry standards, some limitations and exemptions may apply. Ask your service technician for more details based on your specific property and/or situation.

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