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Sugar Feeding Ant Control

“The 5 parts of a successful Ant Control Program”

Tiny Ants, Sugar Feeding Ants, Nuisance Ants or Piss Ants: These are terms used to define those tiny ants by customers over the phone. They truth is all ants love sugar. We will just call them sugar feeding ants from now on. These ants are more of a nuisance than anything. Sometimes people can mistake fire ants for one of these smaller ants. If you do not properly identify these ants, treating them incorrectly almost always makes the problem worse. Read more below to find out why.

Sugar Feeding Ant Reproduction

Sugar Feeding Ants reproduce in two ways primarily.

• 1st Creating primary reproductive swarmers, “Ants with Wings” that pair up and start a new colony and yes, all ants have this ability to create reproductive swarmers. Although they don’t do it too often.
• 2nd The more common way with sugar feeding ants is to reproduce more colonies quickly is by budding This is the general term used by entomologist to describe the act of these ants taking one colony and separating into multiple colonies.

Pro “Sugar Feeding Ants Pest Control” Tip

No one successfully goes on a hunting or fishing trip without knowing what there hunting, this would be foolish, but people do it all the time with ant pest control. It is like trying to catch Bass with stink-bait or running a zebra in the Kentucky Derby. Not all fish are created equal, not all horses are created equal and not all ants are created equal. There are many variations of these animals and it is the same with insects. If you are going to learn ant pest control you must learn to identify the target animal. With ants its all about the section in-between the thorax and the abdomen, the nodes section.

Crazy Ant

Argentine Ant

Ghost Ant

Pavement Ant

Little Black Ants

Pharaoh Ant

Thief Ant

White Footed Ant

With Ants it is all about knowing your node’s however for most people it is easier to work with the understanding of 3 different types of Ants:

Savior Pest Control Service

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