Smokybrown Cockroach Control

Although closely related to the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), the smokybrown cockroach is readily distinguishable from it by its uniformly dark brown–mahogany coloration. Furthermore, unlike the American cockroach, which possess a light-rimmed pattern on its thorax, the smokybrown cockroach’s thorax is dark and shiny.

The smokybrown cockroach prefers warmer climates and is not cold-tolerant. It may, however, be able to survive colder climates by going indoors. In addition to this, it fares well in moist conditions and appears to be particularly prevalent in moist concealed areas. It often lives around the perimeter of buildings.

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Cockroaches have gotten a very bad reputation over the years because of how they look and the musty order that they create in large numbers or heavy infestations. They can contaminate food with their dropping or just appear unsightly.

The truth is however that roaches are mostly a beneficial pest when they are outside. 5 out of the 6 roaches found locally in DFW are primarily outside dwelling roaches. There is one roach however that has adapted to live off the waste/trash that humans create or make, and that’s the German Cockroach. When a pest has adapted to live off human these types of pests are called commensal pest, meaning they live off us/humans. Bed bugs would be another great example of a commensal pest.

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