Specialty Pest Control

Specialty Pest Control

Specialty Pest Control Services are designed for specific pests. These pests require special products and techniques for proper control. This means that our broad-spectrum multi-control products alone are not designed to control such specific pests. The 3 services in our Specialty Service category are The Sugar-Feeding-Ant Treatment, The German Cockroach Treatment, and the Rat & Mouse Treatment. Below is a brief explanation of each of our Specialty Services.


The primary purpose for a new pest inspection is for Savior to get to know you, the property, identify and discuss with you your pest control concerns. There are usually 4-5 steps that the technician will take after the technician arrives. We will not do anything at your property without your permission.

The Savior Technician will greet you by name, introduce themselves and carefully address with you any pest control issues at your property that you know of prior to inspecting anything. Then once our technician feels comfortable that they have a good understanding of the issue, they will begin the inspection process. Our technician will inspect the rest of the home inside and out from the attic to the property line for any pest activity as well as conducive conditions. Once our technician has completed the inspection, the technician will present you with their findings and a few recommendations or options for you to choose from. Then if you approve or agree to one of the service solutions the technician offers you, 95% of the time the technician can begin tackling the pest problem right then and there for you.

Pest Monitoring

Pest Monitoring is almost like having a tiny pest control inspector there always that can report to the senior technician when they arrive on site. It is simply the best way to know what’s really going on with your property and allows us to better address your specific needs. Pest Monitoring should at the very least be done in the attic spaces and garage spaces of any home, because these 2 areas have the most pest traffic throughout a residential property. If you have a current pest infestation, pest Monitoring should be done also in the areas of infestation after service to monitor treatment effectiveness.

The Sugar-Feeding Ant Treatment

The Sugar-Feeding Ant Treatment is a very popular stand-alone treatment. Sugar-Feeding Ants, also known as Nuisance Ants, are a common pest all year long in Texas. This service is both an inside and outside service, and while it may help knock down other pests, it is designed to specifically control these ants. First on the inside, we will locate where they are trailing, and apply prescription ant bait that they will then take back to the colony where ever they hide. On the outside, we will treat the foundation with a prescription strength non-repellent liquid application product for these special ants. Both products transfer into the colonies, are undetectable to the Sugar-Feeding Ants, and prevent the colonies from budding like store bought pesticides.

The Rat and Mouse Treatment

The Rat and Mouse Treatment is designed to be a preventative or corrective treatment for Rats and Mice. This treatment uses a special baiting system that is both cost-effective and minimally invasive to you, while great for gaining and/or maintaining control of the property. During this service, the technician will also be looking for conducive conditions and entry points to further correct and prevent problems. Click Here to contact us about our Rat and Mouse treatment, or Click Here to find out more about this service.

Savior Pest Control Service

Savior is taking the fear out of pest control. Our value statement is the golden rule: “Treat others the way that we would like to be treated”. Please know, all of our Pest Defense and other services are designed with the safety of our own pets, friends, families, and the technician in mind. Furthermore, Savior Termite and Pest Control use organic and green listed products for all our pest defense applications, both inside and outside the home, on every service.

Savior Termite and Pest Control offer unique Defense Programs. Each Pest Defense Program or “PDP” utilizes the most effective pest control treatment solutions, techniques, and strategies together with a major discount. No matter which of the programs that you choose, all each Pest Defense Program Service can be added to your needs.


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