Premium Pest Control

Premium Pest Control services are focused on a few tricky pests found mostly on the outside of your home, but all of them can make their way inside over time. These services use pest-specific techniques and prescription strength products for proper control. The 3 services in our Premium service category are The Fire Ant Lawn or Yard Treatment, The Carpenter / Acrobat Ant Treatment, and The Flea / Tick Treatment.


The primary purpose for a new pest inspection is for Savior to get to know you, the property, and identify and discuss with you your pest control concerns. There are usually 4-5 steps that the technician will take after the technician arrives. We will not do anything at your property without your permission.

The Savior Technician will greet you by name, introduce themselves and carefully address with you any pest control issues at your property that you know of prior to inspecting anything. Then once our technician feels comfortable that they have a good understanding of the issue, they will begin the inspection process. Our technician will inspect the rest of the home inside and out from the attic to the property line for any pest activity as well as conducive conditions. Once our technician has completed the inspection, the technician will present you with their findings and a few recommendations or options for you to choose from. Then if you approve or agree to one of the service solutions the technician offers you, 95% of the time the technician can begin tackling the pest problem right then and there for you.

The Fire Ant Lawn Treatment

The Fire Ant Treatment is designed specifically to treat Fire Ants found throughout the yard. Fire ants are most common in the Spring and Summer months but can still be found in milder winters. We start service with a broadcast application of prescription strength granules. These granules bind with the soil over time to provide a full year of Fire Ant control. Then all the visible mounds are spot-treated with a prescription strength liquid product for a fast knockdown. Fire Ant Control should never be done solely as a local treatment because their colonies will spread over large distances and will come back anywhere after treated locally.

The Carpenter & Acrobat Ant Treatment

Carpenter Ants are wood-destroying insects that can cause damage to property over time. While they don’t actually eat wood, they do excavate it to make their galleries, usually in unsound wood first, “Like water damaged wood” then they move on to sound wood. The habits and habitats of these ants are a bit different then other more common ants. For this reason, they must be controlled with proper techniques using prescription strength products both locally and in the surrounding outside areas. First, we treat the infestation locally to eliminate the know infestation in wall voids, attics, and crawl spaces areas. Second, we treat around the foundation level of the home, as well as around trees, bushes, shrubs and the wood fence-line to eliminate satellite and other colonies.

The Flea & Tick Treatment

The Flea & Tick Treatment should take place both inside and outside of the home at the same time. Fleas and ticks easily traffic around on any kind of animal “including wild animals” and even people. The reason both inside and outside as well as under the home should be treated is that fleas spread everywhere and do it quickly.

Inside Treatment: The inside treatment uses 3 different prescription-strength products together. First, a liquid product with an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) is applied to the carpet, furniture, and rugs in the affected rooms. This product attacks the specific biology of Fleas & Ticks to prevent them from entering their next stage of life. In addition, this product has a residual effect designed to continue working long after the treatment is complete. Next, a prescription-strength aerosol product is used to treat over the same areas, for a quick knockdown effect and the baseboard areas as well as under all furniture.

Outside Treatment: The outside treatment starts with a broadcast treatment of prescription- strength granules in the yard. These granules fall through the grass and sink down to the soil. Following that, we broadcast over with a prescription-strength liquid to create a treatment on the top of the grass.

Both the inside and the outside treatments automatically come with two follow up treatments set two-weeks apart to deal with newly emerging fleas from eggs left behind.

Savior Pest Control Service

Savior is taking the fear out of pest control. Our value statement is the golden rule: “Treat others the way that we would like to be treated”. Please know, all of our Pest Defense and other services are designed with the safety of our own pets, friends, families, and the technician in mind. Furthermore, Savior Termite and Pest Control use organic and green listed products for all our pest defense applications, both inside and outside the home, on every service.

Savior Termite and Pest Control offer unique Defense Programs. Each Pest Defense Program or “PDP” utilizes the most effective pest control treatment solutions, techniques, and strategies together with a major discount. No matter which of the programs that you choose, all each Pest Defense Program Service can be added to your needs.


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