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It’s as simple as purchasing any one of our 3 Pest Defense Programs and then referring a friend. Honestly, there is no better compliment than word of mouth and if you ever feel that you can not honestly refer us to a friend, please let us know how we can improve your experience, We care about every single service experience that you have with us but we know that we can always be better.
Advertising is a major cost for any company but we would rather give us much of our advertising costs as we can back to our loyal customers instead of the advertising companies. You are a Savior’s Premier customer automatically when you are on any one of our 3 Pest Defense Programs. So if and when you refer a friend to Savior and they sign up for any of our 3 Pest Defense Programs, you will receive 1 free month on your program. It really is that simple!

What is Pest Control really?

The definition of a pest is basically anything that is unwanted, so pest control is simply practice of controlling the unwanted. Contrary to popular belief, it is a fact that 98% of all insects are beneficial in some way. Regardless of how helpful and beneficial most insects are on planet earth, when they are unwanted they’re unwanted. There should be a responsible balance when it comes to performing any pest control service. In the example of Bee Control for instance if they go then we go. Good pest control is essentially three things when you step back from it. Pest Control is a science, an art, a responsibility to yourself, others and the environment. Reduced Impact Service “RIS” like exclusion techniques are great for keeping this balance and separating you from them.

Pest control is like hunting or fishing in a lot of ways, just smaller. There are all different kinds of game to hunt in the world, we just hunt much smaller game like ants, roaches, spiders, earwigs, and silverfish to name a few. Also, just like hunting and fishing, even within a genus of pest there can be hundreds of different species that must be addressed based on that pest’s biological traits. So, as you can imagine this effects the products and service techniques that we use. Being a hunter, you must have a few different skills sets to be successful, such as identification skills, tracking skills, baiting skills, trapping skills, not to mention knowing habitats and habits of the prey. Enter the exterminator.

How to Refer

Here are some of the ways that our customers are currently referring family, friends, coworkers, and customers and earning free pest control and termite control services:

  1. Neighborhood Networks or Online Groups
    1. Next Door
    2. HOA Intranet Groups
  2. Social Media
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Linked In
    4. Instagram
  3. Online Reviews
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    5. Yelp
    6. BBB
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