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Element Pest Control:

All Element Pest Control services are a collection of common and fundamental pest control product application techniques in combination with the use of broad-spectrum multi-control products. What this essentially means is that all the techniques used in this category cover the foundation of pest control service applications and that the products used cover the largest collection of pest under one product label. The most common 3 Elemental Services are The General Treatment, The Power General Treatment, and The Super Power General Treatment. Below is a brief explanation of each of our Elemental Services.


The primary purpose for a new pest inspection is for Savior to get to know you, the property, identify and discuss with you your pest control concerns. There are usually 4-5 steps that the technician will take after their arrival. We will not do anything at your property without your permission.

The Savior Technician will greet you by name, introduce themselves, and carefully address with you any pest control issues at your property that you know of prior to inspecting anything. Then, once our technician feels comfortable that they have a good understanding of the issue, he will begin the inspection process. Our technician will inspect the rest of the home inside and out from the attic to the property line for any pest activity as well as conducive conditions. Once our technician has completed the inspection, the technician will present you with their findings and a few recommendations or options for you to choose from. Then if you approve or agree to one of the service solutions the technician offers you, 95% of the time the technician can begin tackling the pest problem right then and there for you.

Pest Monitoring:

Pest monitoring is simply the best way to really know what’s going on with the property. It is like having a tiny pest control inspector there at the property all the time that reports to the senior technician when they arrive on site. Pest monitoring should be done at minimum in the attic spaces and garage spaces of any home because these 2 areas have the most pest traffic throughout a residential property. If you have a current pest infestation, pest monitoring should be done also in the areas of infestation after service to monitor treatment effectiveness.

The General Treatment:

The General Pest Treatment is possibly the most common service that Savior Termite and Pest Control performs, because it is the starting point for 80% of all our services. The General Service Treatment is both an inside and an outside service treatment that primarily focuses on a multitude of general crawling insects and occasional invaders. During the inside treatment of the home, Savior will place pest monitors in the attic and garage, then treat the baseboards and plumbing areas throughout the inside of the property and any attached garage areas. Outside, Savior will treat the foundation around the entire home as well as the weep holes near the foundation, around windows/doors and any gaps or cracks.

The Power General Treatment:

The Power General Treatment is a powerful combination of service treatments. This includes Inspection, Pest Monitoring, The General Treatment, The Eave Treatment, and The Perimeter Treatment. When you have the need for spider control, The Power General is where we start. Spiders are more difficult than insects to control because they do not have jointed feet like insects and do not groom themselves either and this makes it is harder to get the treatment into their system. Therefore, the most effect strategy in spider control is controlling their food supply, which the combination of all these services effectively does.

The Super Power General Treatment:

As you have might have guessed The Super Power General is The Power General Treatment just super-sized! What we have done in the Super Power General Treatment is given you a choice of 1 add on to The Power General Treatment. You can either add Sugar Feeding Ant Treatment or Power Dusting Treatment to The Power General Treatment. The reason we created this service is if you have a pier and beam property, you really need to dust under the property to effectively control any issues or you need a Sugar Feeding Ant treatment that requires specialized products and baits.

The Eave Treatment:

The Eave Treatment is focused on the first story eaves of the home, 12 feet or lower, because unfortunately our standard equipment limits our reach of eaves any higher than this. This treatment is great for treating paper wasps and spiders on the eave portions of the property whenever they pop up. In addition, we will also will clear the paper wasp nests and spider webbing if they are present during service.

The Perimeter Treatment:

The Perimeter Treatment is focused on not just the foundation of the home, but above and beyond the foundation of the home. The foundation of any property is probably the #1 best place to perform any treatment, but the Perimeter Treatment extends out from there 3 feet plus around all first story windows, doors, gaps, cracks and weep holes.  There is no better single occasional invader or spider deterrent at the ground level than a good perimeter treatment. Therefore, with all of Savior’s Defense Programs, we service every other month to protect the home from pest. We perform 6 Perimeter Treatments per year not just 4 Perimeter Treatment per year.

The Power Dusting Treatment:

The Power Dusting Treatment is for Attics, Crawl Spaces, and other large uninhabitable areas. Savior uses an organic pest control dust in a specialized power dusting machine to treat these areas. The power duster machine charges the dust with static electricity or an “ESD” Electrostatic Discharge that helps the dust stick to rafters and walls for better control of the pest in these spaces.

Dusting the Weep Holes:

Dusting of the weep holes around the foundation of a property is one of the greatest ways to get treatment into the outside perimeter of a property and for this reason is a mandatory staple for any new cleanout service with any one of Savior’s Defense Programs. Dusting out the weep holes of a property is also a great add on for one time services.

The Yard or Lawn Treatment:

The Yard treatment is a 2-part process. We apply a granular treatment first, then we go over that granular treatment with a liquid application.  The Yard Treatment is an excellent way to give your lawn and landscaping a great knockdown treatment and makes it even harder for pest to reach your home. If you have a lot of pest pressure around your home this is a great add on service before you start a Defense Program.

Common Element and General Pest Controlled:

Please call for details on coverage of any service.

Ants: Imported Red Fire Ants “in home only”

Roaches: American Roaches, Smokey Brown Roaches, Sandy Brown Roaches, and Oriental Roaches

Spiders: Wolf Spiders, Black and Yellow Spiders, Spiny Orb Weaver Spiders, and Daddy Long Legs

Occasional Invaders: Earwigs, Silverfish, Field Crickets, Firebrats, Pill Bugs, Sow Bugs, non-wood destroying beetles, Box-elder Bugs, Centipedes, Millipedes, Springtails, Chiggers, Grasshoppers, Spider Mites, and Japanese Beetles

Special Note: As a rule, pest in the Specialty, Premium, Termite, and Dangerous Pest categories or other pests not listed, are not included and are not covered under a service unless listed specifically.