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Identification & Biology

While there are quite a few insects that resemble mosquitos in appearance, they must have three distinct characteristics to be considered a mosquito:

  1. Long, many segmented antennae
  2. Piercing-sucking mouthparts
  3. Scales on the wing veins and margins

Mosquito Larvae (young mosquitos) are sometimes referred to as wigglers because of their defensive response to predators. They spend this part of the life in water, just under the surface. Mosquito larvae can be identified by three distinct body regions:

  1. A distinct, complete head capsule
  2. A broad, bulbous thorax
  3. A several segmented, flexible abdomens

Where They Live

In general, mosquitoes are going to be found in an area with a lot of water. Some species will lay their eggs in standing water, while others will lay theirs above water level in places that are prone to flooding. Some prefer water with heavy amounts of vegetation at the surface.

Source Control

The best thing you can do to help control the mosquito population is to remove standing water. Take notice of any flower pots, tin cans, discarded vehicle tires, rain barrels, rood gutters, or similar containers. Heavy mulch or fallen leaves can also hold in a lot of moisture. For some mosquitoes, it’s enough to lay their eggs

Mosquito Services

Savior has paid close attention to the life cycle of mosquitos and have created a treatment accordingly. Our mosquito services use a special fogging system in the places that mosquitos are found most. In addition, special granules are used in areas of standing water to prevent young mosquitos from becoming adults. This service works best when performed every 21 days.