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Many species of fleas will only feed off one animal but cat and dog fleas, which are the most common to find in your home, feed on many animals, including people. When not feeding, fleas will hide in carpet, bedding, sofas, and other areas our pets use. Proper flea control is nearly impossible to do on your own, but with regular vacuuming as well as a prescription strength treatment performed by one of our technicians using the correct techniques, your flea problem can be eliminated. Dogs and cats can receive flea treatments as well, but these treatments alone will not eliminate the problem completely.


Ticks belong to the class Acari which is actually very closely related to spiders and scorpions. Ticks can be difficult to identify and control as they are commonly mistaken for some type of insect. Ticks are the second most important vector for the transmission of infection disease under mosquitos. Ticks are difficult to control on your own, but with the proper techniques and products used by a pest control professional it is more than possible to eliminate your tick population.