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Fire Ants

There are four species of fire ants found in the United States, but by far the most important is the red imported fire ant. From a human health perspective, their ability to sting, makes them a significant pest. One person can receive hundreds of stings in less than a minute if they are not careful. Fire ants can also become a major threat to biodiversity of an area as they can dominate that area, kicking out indigenous species.

As with most insects, moisture is a limiting factor in the survival of the colony. Fire ants, however, can thrive in a variety of habitats, this makes it nearly impossible to impact these ants by attempting to limit moisture conditions. If there are factors causing excess moisture, these problems should be corrected.

Control Solutions

Fire Ant Control - Savior Pest Control

In areas where fire ants are common it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate them. This is because treated areas can face potential reinfestation from surrounding properties that were not treated. When it comes to properly fire ant control, Savior implements a two-part treatment system. First, a prescription strength granule is broadcast evenly through the yard. These granules bind with the soil over time to provide year long coverage. Then, a prescription-strength liquid is applied mound-to-mound. This provides a quick knockdown, and aids in the granular application.

Fire Ant Control - Savior Pest Control