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Bees and Wasp Control

In general, bees and wasps are very beneficial. Bees produce honey and pollinate flowers, whiles wasps are predators to other insects. Due to allergies, as well as the pain they cause, bees and wasps can be considered a nuisance as they often make their home on the eaves or in the foliage around your house. Some species are more aggressive and will attack. Bees and Wasps can be eliminated with proper control performed by a professional. It is dangerous to try and control these insects without proper protective equipment and the proper prescription strength products.

Bee Control

Bees are a very important insect as they are beneficial to our environment. Though it is typically recommended having a bee removal service provided by a professional beekeeper, it is possible to perform a successful product treatment. Bees are very social insects and are constantly coming into contact with other bees in the colony. This means that with the use of specific prescription-strength products, you can quickly and effectively gain control over the colony and eliminate the problem.

Wasp Control

Many wasps are known as solitary wasps. These wasps are typically non-aggressive and won’t be found in groups. They are beneficial because the act as nature’s pest control, eliminating other insect pests around your home. Though their nests can be an eyesore, you don’t have to worry about being close to their nests as they won’t attack you unless you attack first. Other wasps are known as social wasps. These wasps will make their nest on the eaves of your house or in your bushes. They are quite a few wasps in each nest and when provoked, they will attack together. Proper regular treatments of eaves and landscaping can correct and prevent issues from these pests.