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What to expect from Savior Termite and Pest Control on Rodent Control

Savior Termite and Pest Control is a complete Fort Worth and Dallas area pest control service company. Since the start of our company in 2006, we have taken on almost all pest control issues. Our rats and mice removal service is second to none and we are the area’s best “bug exterminators.” Most of the time our new customers’ relationships begin with a free pest inspection by a Certified and Licensed Commercial Applicator, this experienced professional then develops a few options for your individual pest action plan. You then can tell us which action plans work pest for you, your family, your home and your business.

Need Rodent Control Service “Let the Buyer Beware”

There are many great rodent control companies but never allow any company or individual try to sell you rodent control services or any other service out of fear. What we have been seeing a trend lately, where many companies trying to use your fear as a selling model. They will tell you things like rats and mice are chewing through your electrical line, have ruined the insulation in your attic and if you don’t let them fix it then you better move because if you don’t you’re killing yourself and your family! We have heard it all. These companies will then charge you thousands of dollars to deal with rat control or mice control issue. This is crazy and can be ten times the average cost to control a rat or mice issue.

To be fair it is true that some of rodents can and do carry unwanted diseases, they can and do defecate in attic or other spaces and may cause some structural damages. However there is a limit to how much focus there should be invested on this topic. The truth is you need to fix the first things first the rodent infestation.

Savior Termite and Pest Control does this without the use of fear tactics or ridiculous pricing. We take pride in offering straight forward and effective Fort Worth and Dallas area pest control services for rodents.

Please see our guide to hiring a good pest exterminator.


Getting rid of Rodents might be harder than you thinkrat-droppings

The first step in getting rid of rodents is knowing what kind of rodent you’re dealing with aka the target pest. For example squirrels are closely related to Rats and Mice however you wouldn’t use a common rodent control trap to catch squirrels. So before you can be successful you must first inspect the area so you can determine the type of rodent you’re hunting. If you do not know the differences between rats and mice species then you will probably have little to no luck. This is why we offer at our own expense free inspections to our customers.

For the few people who are brave enough to try mice extermination even less will try rat extermination. When they do attempt their own exterminating, they try all kinds of different rat poisoning with various over the counter rat poison from the local store “that they know little about” or they try mechanical controls like electronic rodent control, Mouse traps, Rat traps and Glue boards. In an attempt to find the best mouse trap they often spend more money and time then it would cost to hire a professional in the first place.




The basic steps Savior Termite and Pest Control use to accomplish rodent control.

Inspection: On the first visit we inspect the property, place some monitoring devices out and develop some personal action plans for service.

Inside Treatment: On the first treatment we are going to provide strategic bait placement for the kill of as many rats/mice as possible in the areas of possible infestation.

Outside Treatment: Once the inside is baited properly then next we will place Tamperproof Rodent bait stations on the outside of the property in areas that are conducive to rat or mice infestations.

Follow Up: We will set up a follow up visit to inspect all monitors, bait and bait stations. When we return we will clean date and rebait all stations as well as reset monitors if needed.

Extras: Savior Termite and Pest Control also offers enclosure, exclusion, kill trapping, live trapping and many other services if needed or upon requested.

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