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Fort Worth & Dallas Wildlife Control Services “Tab”

Wildlife pest control or Wild Life Removal services can be defined as the trapping, stopping, or removing of vertebrate pest. Almost any animal with a spine would fall under the category of wildlife control.

NOTE: Wild life control can be very dangerous, a word to the wise if you are attempting to do it yourself. Please only attempt if you are under the direct supervision or instruction of a person experienced with Wild Life Control issues or services. Wild animals may contain viruses, diseases or could cause bodily injury to unprotected or unskilled persons please be very careful.

Pest Exclusion, Pest Prevention, Pest Control

Here are a few examples of wildlife control services that we offer:


  • The Wildlife Tab: Which if you’re reading this it’s the page you’re at currently; this page explains a little about the different types of Dallas, Texas area wild life control services that we perform. More details about the individual services can be found at their corresponding pages.
  • Repellents and Exclusion: Repellents have become very popular as a first attempt in removing all kinds of wild life and we do prefer this method whenever possible.

Rodent Damage

Likewise another popular method of prevention from future infestation is exclusion. Once the vertebrate pest has been removed the next step is exclusion or enclosure work. What this means is that we or you should exclude any known or visible holes by which more pests may gain entry.If the current infestations have been handled then this will exclude the home so that their buddies don’t get in the same way.

 Mice Control, Mice Trapping, Mice Removal

  • Rats and Mice: By far the most common of all vertebrate pests to invade structural properties. Rats and mice are scavengers primarily by nature and burrow through just about anything plus many are adapt climbers as well. Rats and mice have an incredible reproductive rate, their gestation period is about 21 days. They can have a litter with in between 8-12 pups, these pups are sexually mature within about a month. This being said when you see or find evidence of one then you can pretty much assume there are more.

 Rat Control, Rat Trapping and Rat Removal


We provide all manner of rodent aka rat or mice control.

 Squirrel Control, Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal

  • Large Vertebrate: There are more vertebrates then we can provide pictures for on this one page. Some of the most common are squirrels, raccoon’s, opossums, skunks, armadillos and snakes. It is Savior Termite and Pest Controls’ primary goal to trap these animals humanly and release them into an environment where they will not become a problem to other people whenever possible.

Raccoon Control, Raccoon Trapping and Raccoon Removal

NOTE: It should be noted that if it not possible to trap the pest live then kill traps may be necessary to eliminate the threat to people and their property. We do not prefer this method however sometimes it is necessary. We will never proceed with this method without the customer’s approval first.

Opossum Control, Opossum Trapping and Opossum Removal

Skunk Control, Skunk Trapping and Skunk Removal

Armadillo Control, Armadillo Trapping and Armadillo Removal

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