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Termite Monitoring Systems

Termite Bait Stations

In the past couple of years there has been a breakthrough in termite detection and control. The method I am talking about Termite Monitoring & Bait Stations, we call them “TMS” for short. Termites detect wood on or above soil, but the problem in east Texas is that we have Eastern Subterranean Termite or to put it another way underground nesting termites.  So if you’re worried about termites but are not seeing any signs of them above ground how could you know if there are termites around your home? You can’t see into the ground for detection or can you? The Termite Monitoring Station allows you do this.

Our “TMS” “Termite Monitoring Stations”, are great for people that know they have Termites and those that don’t. TMS give a much needed look into the ground where the termites live and their colonies reside. When foraging termites find the station they begin feeding on the wood in the station, then once a month one of our TDA certified and insured technicians check the stations all the way around your property for hits on the station if one is found they will bait the station without disturbing the activity soon the termites find the cellulose based bait and start transferring the active ingredient to the other termites within the colony.


Using Termiticide Foam in the Plumbing Areas

Applying a termiticide foam directly into all plumbing areas with in the home insures that even though we did not see termite activity. Plumbing areas have the highest likelihood of getting termite activity within the home due to the penetration of the copper wire tubing through the concrete slab especially those with moisture. There are 2 huge benefits of foaming the plumbing over drilling or cutting holes into walls.

  1. The termiticide foam that we use is a non-repellant this means that the termites cannot detect the termiticide treatment, they think it is just more moisture. So while the termites are on the lookout for moisture, we give them some and then they begin to transfer it throughout the colony.
  2. Because we use the existing pluming penetrations to inject the Non-repellant Termiticide foam, we don’t have to drill or cut into wall in 99% of treatments we perform. This means you can rest assured that we won’t be damaging any structural beams or hitting a water line and accidentally flooding your home.


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