Flying Ants vs Termite Swarmers |

Flying Ants vs Termite Swarmers

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Termite reproduction

How many termites can be reproduced in a year by a single queen?

What are the signs I have Termites? What should I be looking for?


More about swarming termites

Eastern Subterranean Termites swarm in early spring generally after the first spring rain, but may not necessarily require a good rain to swarm. Swarming Termites build these mud formations we call “termite coral” from the dirt under the property, mixed with wood and bodily fluid of the termite.

You can see from the image at the top of the page that many swarmers will lose their wings and even die immediately after their swarming flight. An interesting fact about termite swarmers are that they are all hermaphrodites.

This means unlike ants they do not need to have a male and female counterpart. Wherever two or more pair up to begin a new colony, one will become male and the other female.

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