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Not something a business or home owner wants to hear that they have in their home or property. We know because we hear about it almost every day. Termites are responsible for an average of 5 billion dollars annually in damage. That is more than the cost of all natural disasters in the United States combined. The good news is if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas, 99.9% of the time the termites are Eastern Subterranean termites and they are responsible for 10% of that 5 billion. This means that of all 3 they are the least damaging.

Many companies will treat your home’s or business’ termite infestation like the property is on fire but you shouldn’t believe it. Something must be done about your termite issue, but please don’t ever hire a company that uses fear as a selling tactic. Only hire companies that you honestly feel you can trust and feel good about them respecting you and your property.

Learn More About Termites & Treatments

  • Termite Pre-Treatments:
    • Termite Pre-treatments are done on new home or commercial construction and the sooner that you plan them out, the cheaper the treatments will be. Click Here to find out more about termite pre-treatments and what Savior can do for you.
  • Traditional Termite Treatments:
    • Traditional Termite Treatments are done after the home or commercial property have completed construction. The most popular treatment involves treating the inter perimeter as well as the treatment of the internal plumbing. Click Here to find out more.
  • “TMS” Termite Management System:
    • “TMS” are usually installed as an alternative to Traditional Termite Treatments and are also done after the home or commercial property have completed construction. “TMS” are regularly checked, re-baited and stations maintained as part of ongoing service. Click Here to find out more.
  • Flying Ants Vs Termites:
    • Ants and Termites are closely related, however their treatments are completely different. Termite treatments are much more labor and product intensive than ant treatments. Click Here to find out how to tell the difference between the 2.
  • Identifying Termites and Termite Damage:
    • There are many things that will give away that you have a termite infestation: mud tubes, dirt corals, dirt found in wood, and of course termite swarms. If you are pretty sure that you have termites, here is some great information and pictures to confirm it. Click Here to find out more.
  • “WDI” Wood Destroying Insect Report:
    • Wood Destroying Insect Reports are sometimes required when a lender or a city requires one of a new home or business purchase. This report examines the entire home for wood destroying insects as well as conducive conditions of termites. Click Here to learn more.