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Green Service

What is Green? What does Green mean to Savior Termite and Pest Control?

“Green is the symbolic color for Environmentalism”. Going green is a journey towards responsible environmentalism and personal health as well as public health. We should all be concerned about the environment in which we live and that our children and grandchildren will grow up in. The pest management profession in truth was actually green, before being environmentally friendly was called green, with mandatory practices of IPM “Integrated Pest Management”, RIS “Reduced Impact Services and LIP “low Impact Services.

IPM, RIS, and LIP have always been the hallmark of any sound PMP “Pest Management Program” and now with new and improved green products like EcoSmart and Mother Earth we can do even more to protect ourselves and you.

All of Savior Termite and Pest Controls services are at a minimum “Green Listed” unless otherwise specified. This does not mean that the treatment is organic, but that the products that are being used are considered by the TDA “Texas Department of Agriculture” and the EPA “Environmental Protection Agency” safe enough to be used in highly sensitive areas like schools, daycares, nursing homes, pet kennels and even hospitals. If the word school is found on the label in the treatment or application portion of the label, then the product is considered “green Listed” by these organizations.

Savior Mission Statement

It is Savior TPC’s responsibility to protect people, pets, property and the environment in which we all have to live.

From The Owner

I started this company using exclusively “Green Listed Products” although this may be favorable for our clients; it is even more responsible for our staff. We are hundreds of times more exposed to the products being used than any one of our clients. We need to be hyper aware of the products being used and there effects.


Organic Treatments Vs Green Listed Services

Organic Pest Control Vs Green Listed Pest Control from a “PMP” point of view.

Organic Pest Control Vs Green Listed Pest Control from a “PMP” Pest Management Professionals point of view. Our first responsibility is to eliminate pest in the safest and most appropriate way possible. Having said this Organic pest control services are a viable option for service, however they do have some considerable drawbacks that sometimes must be considered. This is not to discourage the use of organic products as a pest control solution but rather to educate customers on this path because new and improved organic technology in the pest control markets are coming out all the time.

  1. More Expensive
    1. In general Organic products have a shorter shelf life and are harder to manufacture, this increases the cost of production.
    2. Product available is also determined by product availability.
    3. The application process can take longer and may need to be applied more often.
  2. Less Initial Knockdown & Residual Control
    1. When using a pest control product you are looking for 3 things, initial knockdown, residual knockdown of colony population, and efficacy of residual. Organic products are designed to break down more quickly into the environment than conventional green listed products. The effects of high temperatures, water exposure, and even wind can cause the organic product to break down faster resulting in more retreatments.
  3. Fewer Pests Controlled + Resistance and Avoidance.
    1. Pests have been a problem for people since the dawn of time and in the past people have used every type of control they could get their hands on just to keep up with a growing pest population. This has led to a large number of pest building a resistance to all types of pest control applications not just organics.
    2. Also most Organic pest control solutions although they may kill some pest, they are for the most part a repellant. This means that the source of the problem has not been addressed just the symptom and as soon as the organic solution is gone the pest comes back with a vengeance.
  4. Just because the product is organic does not mean it’s safe for you.
    1. There are several pesticides that are organic that are not safe for pets or humans. For instance arsenic is organic and they used to use this product to control rats and mice. Boric Acid and DE “Diatomaceous Earth” can cause severe repertory issues if inhaled.
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