Product Treatments for Bed bugs |

Product Treatments for Bed bugs

Product Based Treatment

Methods of Treatment:

There are 2 primary methods that Savior Termite and Pest Control use to control bed bugs the first and most inexpensive is the Traditional Product based Treatment and the second is heat or Thermal Treatment.

Product based treatment for bed bugs are just like they sound, product based. First you should know that we only use green listed products in the services that we provide please see our Green Service page for more info on that.

We customize every service treatment plan for bed bugs, simply because one size definitely does not fit all; all service plans depend on a few factors.

  1. Do you know how you got bed bugs?
  2. How much furniture is in each room?
  3. How long has this problem been going on?
  4. How many personal belongings are in each room?
  5. How many rooms are infested and what is the current level of the infestation?

If the problem is severe and we do not think that we should try and control them with traditional product treatments we also can use a heat or thermal treatment. This is always recommended when more than three rooms are suspected of having bed bugs.

The steps involved in the Bed Bug product treatment include:

  1. Set up a free inspection and if needed free estimate, or
    1.  if have some samples for us to identify you can try to take a few pictures but “make sure they are close and clear pictures at least 3”
    2. If you do not have samples than, you can request to lease some Bed Bug Monitoring Program devices that will attract bed bugs if there in the area. We will then follow up in a few days.
  1. Once we find and identify that they are in fact Bed Bugs and not something else like fleas, chiggers, mosquitos or anything else.  At this time we will begin checking other rooms. After the entire home is checked we can recommend different treatment options.
  1. If you have not already please purchase or we can supply for an extra cost certified bed bug covers for your bed and box spring. If you decide to get one on your own that’s fine but make but make sure that they have a tight fitting seal, like a zipper with a hook on the end.
  1. Now we have to get ready for service and completing the Prep List is the most important thing you can do before the service to help us successfully treat your home. This pest cannot just be sprayed away. Your warranty will depend on all areas of the prep list being done appropriately. Go to the Prep List page under customer care and you will find a prep list for the service that we are going to perform, in this case Product Based Bed Bug Prep List. If you have any questions on the prep list just give us a call we will be happy to help.
  1. When we begin the Bed Bug Product treatment we usually will spend an average time of 1-2 hours per room depending on how many staff members are working on your treatment. Every service includes 2 follow up appointments.
  1. The last thing that will be done before we finish the service will be
    1. Strategically place out monitors round the home to check at the follow up
    2. Schedule a follow up appointment
  1. After the service has been completed and the technician has left we will then need you to follow the second part of the prep list the post service portion. Any post service instructions should be easy enough to understand if not you can just give us a call.
  1. On the first follow up the technician will be back to discuss any findings, inspect the property again, update the bed bug monitors, and perform a product treatment on any hot spot areas.
  1. On the second follow up we will essentially follow the same process as the first one, except when finished we will have you sign a completion of service and feedback form.
  1. Now that we are sure that we have finished with the initial infestation we highly recommend “but this is not required” a Bed Bug Monitoring Program.
Welcome! Please let us know if we can help you further.