Checking a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs |

Checking a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Checking the hotel room top to bottom

Why I did this inspection. My wife, kids and I love to travel whenever we can. Every time we go somewhere I always make my wife and kids go do something for 30 minutes or so, while I check the room for bed bugs. There are such a high percentage of bed bug customers that we treat that get bed bugs from places they stay when they travel.

 On our last trip, I decided to take some pictures of my bed bug inspection in my family’s hotel room. So that when we came back I could share with you. So I hope that you this helps you out, go over the check list carefully, and rest assured knowing that you did a sound inspection.

Why Bed Bugs are found in hotels:  Well there are several reasons but the main reason is travel. We travel more and in greater distances than anyone have ever traveled before in history. I underlined “my family’s hotel room” above because it’s not just my family but yours and others. We all know this but we really don’t want to think about it.

Some Notes for your inspection.

  1. This list is just a guide and is not 100% fool proof; this is informational only and Savior Termite and Pest Control will not assume responsibility for its effectiveness.
  2. This is by no means an exhaustive inspection list, that would take forever, but it’s pretty good.
  3. Whenever you can, safely lift and turn over the furniture to inspect the bottom of it.

What you’ll need to do your own bed bug inspection.

  1. A flash light
  2. About 20 – 30 min
  3. A “check list”, like this one
  4. A friend or family member to help you flip furniture.

The pictures I took and where I look.

  1. Crown Moldings: I like to start at the top and work my down for several reasons but the main one is that if the infestation is heavy then you will see them here. If you find bed bugs here chances are that there are so many that they have wandered further from the food source.


  2. Clothes Hangers and clothes storage areas: Bed bugs like to ride around on us; this is the main way that they get from location to location. So checking these areas is a must. Also my hotel did not have one of those tables that fold open that you but can put your luggage on it.


  3. Things hanging on walls: This is a great place to find bed bugs because they provide great tight cover and they almost never move. This make hiding and mating very easy for them behind picture mirrors etc.


  4. Dressers: Most people in a hotel live out of there suitcase if only there for a view days, but during long stays people often will use the dresser’s. Also people who stay for long periods of time typically travel a lot more than people that stay short amount of times.


  5. Night Stands: Being so close to the bed, a night stand will be another hot spot for bed bugs. They also have a ton of cracks and crevices for the bed bug to hide in.


  6. Mattress Covers: Not all mattress covers are created equal. I would personally prefer a bed bug labeled mattress and box spring cover. This place only covered the mattress with a open plastic sheet to prevent stains. Having a true bed bug mattress encasement cover would not only help in control if there is an infestation but protect their profits by not having to throw out a good mattress because it’s to infested to treat.


  7. Mattress: When checking the mattress’s inspecting the heavy folds is a must. This is the bed bugs highway around the bed. It offers a great hiding place for them, sometimes there is a plastic corner piece on the bottom of the mattress make sure that you take that completely off to check underneath it.


  8. The Box Spring “Dust Cloth”. Once you have lifted the box spring from the frame, the next thing you should be doing is inspecting along the edge where the dust cloth is stapled to the box spring. Go around the entire box spring.


  9. Box Spring: It cannot be over stated that this area typically has the greatest level of any infestation. Remove the dust or cheese cloth from the bottom of the box spring to see into the framing of the box spring and continue inspection.


  10. Headboards: Always try to get behind the headboards well as checking the cracks and drill holes. Sometimes the head board is attached to the wall and you cannot remove it, however sometimes you can remove the head board because it is hung on the wall in special holding brackets, just lift up. Head boards are one of the hottest places to find bed bugs.


  11. Bed framing: Just like the headboard some of the time you can remove the individual cross beams to inspect inside the holding brackets and some of the time you can’t.


  12. Detailed Bed Framing: Remember to check inside all screw holes as well as cracks and crevices.


  13. Baseboards: Finally the floor if you have gotten to this point you are probably ok but never the less check around the baseboard areas for any dead bed bugs.


Thank you for using this tutorial on how to inspect your hotel room for bed bugs. If you found this helpful or have a question on whether or not you have found bed bugs just email me.

Now go and have a great trip! =)

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